This gear list is an example of what equipment you might carry as a lightweight hiker for a 3 day outing. Much of this gear list can be adopted for packrafting, bike touring or any other outdoor pursuit.
Generally, the equipment below is suitable for most ‘three-season’ conditions, It's important to note that some level of skill and experience is required to successfully use this equipment in harsh conditions.
Less experienced hikers will find that they may need to add some extra clothing or a warmer shelter to give them a greater level of comfort and safety, while more experienced hikers will trim weight much further from this list.

The equipment on this list is for reference only and not a suggestion that these products are the best choice for any particular situation.

This list is base weight, consumables such as food, water and stove fuel need to be added in. As a guide work on carrying 800g - 1000g of food per day and water will always depend on availability and conditions.

Remember, the more you know the less you need.